Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Under Two

    Lucy will be two weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe I'm the mommy of two kiddos under two years old. It's still hard to believe this beautiful daughter of ours is here. Maybe by the time the kids go off to college it will feel real.

    Monday was my first day with just me and the kids. Up until then I had Kenny at home spoiling me rotten. He was amazing and pretty much did everything for Roxas while I functioned as all you can eat buffet for Lucy and let my body rest. I think maybe I hyped myself up to expect the worst and that's why I'm surprised caring for two babies by myself wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now, it is tough and there have been plenty of times where both have been crying and I had to juggle a little bit with who to tend to first. Still, I haven't even come close to having a breakdown. I even ventured out of the house with both kids and ran a bunch of errands. This all went surprisingly well. I am sure there are tougher days to come, and no doubt I will end up wanting to crawl under a rock and stay there but for now things are going well. Roxas has been doing great with her. He was a little cranky at first but now he's a fantastic little helper. When she cries he will go grab my nursing pillow or a binky for her to "help". Sometimes he tries to share his toys too, and though the thought is sweet we have to be really careful he doesn't accidentally whack her with some of the larger toys.

     After Roxas was born I had a hard time battling post-partum depression. I ignored it for a long time, too long, and it made life miserable for both me and my family. This time I was prepared and I really feel like I'm on top of it now. I've been keeping in touch with my doctor and thanks to my family I have a ton of support and help. I've also boarded the crazy train and I encapsulated my placenta and have been taking capsules every day. It was incredibly easy and so far I think it really has made a difference for me, both with mood and milk supply. So, I might be nuts but if it helps- why not? We have also had so much love and help from our friends and family. The local MOMs Club as well as friends and family have been bringing us meals throughout the past two weeks which has taken SO much stress off of me. It's been a huge blessing not having to worry about making dinner.

    Lucy is a bit more high maintenance than Roxas was. She wants to nurse or be held almost constantly. If she isn't sleeping, she's eating. As a result she is a very healthy 9lbs now! We're having a bit of trouble on the breastfeeding front unfortunately, but I'm stubborn and refuse to give up just because I'm in some pain. The doctor noticed she does indeed have a very short frenulum (that string that ties your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) which may be a big part of why we are having issues. We have an appointment to see an ear nose and throat doctor next week since this type of thing, while not a huge deal, can actually impact speech later. She's a very happy and healthy girl though. She isn't a huge fan of sleeping at night and prefers to stay nice and wide awake from about 12am to 3:30/4am. I don't get a whole lot of sleep anymore but I'm adjusting to it. We did Lucy's newborn pictures this past weekend with the ever talented Jenna Ebert again and I'm so excited to see the finished images. It was quite the experience getting my little drama queen to cooperate with being photographed but just the pictures I saw on her camera were fantastic so I know I will love the finished product!

    I love staring at this perfect little baby that we created. It's still mind boggling that two little cells grew into such a complex and amazing little person. I love being a mommy to both Roxas and Lucy. Every day I get to spend with them is a gift that I'm lucky to have.
 Roxas was giving his sister a kiss <3
 She's a very alert and awake newborn
This was about 3am, wide awake!

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